• Electric conductivity and ability to shield electromagnetic waves, and excellent X-ray penetrability
  • Good chemical stability and excellent resistance to acid, alkali, and various types of solvents
  • Lower density than metal, high tensile strength and tensile modulus, and good fatigue resistance, wear resistance and lubrication​.
  • Low linear expansion coefficient, good dimensional stability, high resistance to mechanical-property deterioration caused by heat, and low thermal conductivity at extremely low temperatures.
  • Uses in Protective Garments and Safety wear to stimulate Anti-Static properties in the garment.
  • ​Uses in other fields like Aerospace ,Sports and Industrial Materials


​A Poly - Acrylonitrile (PAN) Based carbon fiber is manufactured by

carbonizing special Acrylic fiber (precursor) as a raw material having

excellent anti-static properties.

​Manufacturing Process                                                 End Uses and Properties

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  • Electrical Conductivity
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Heat Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant