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Teijinconex is a meta-linked aromatic polyamide fiber with excellent flame-proofing and heat-resistance properties. It will not catch fire through exposure to direct flame or heat, and it neither burns nor melts, which means it cannot stick to your skin. It is an excellent thermal insulator and has outstanding chemical resistance. Teijinconex also meets the standard requirements of a clothing material – it is lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear.

Teijinconex is a highly functional fiber that can be used for both heat- and flame-retardant clothing and for industrial applications, including filters, hoses and copy-cleaners. 

Main Characteristics

  • It is strong, light and soft
  • ​​It insulates against heat and has high flame resistance.
  • ​It offers excellent resistance to long-term heat exposure.
  • It is self-lubricating and has good abrasion resistance.

Structure :



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