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​Soft in Touch : Kanecaron/Protex has a unique cross-sectional shape that imparts a soft hand. It is good for interior uses that require a natural appearance and comfortable feel. The wearing experience is also most favorable, as it has a very nice feel when blended with natural fibers, such as cotton.

​Melt Resistant [ Carbonization ] : Kanecaron/Protex does not melt or drip when ignited. Instead it forms a char barrier through carbonization.Thermoplastic fibers, such as polyester or nylon, have the potential risk of molten droplets forming which could stick to the skin and cause severe burns. FR polyester shares the same characteristics. Kanecaron/ Protex helps to reduce the risk of molten droplets when blended with thermoplastic fibers. The degree to which Kanecaron/Protex can help reduce the risk of molten droplets will depend on the blend ratio of Kanecaron/Protex used.

​Highly Blendable : In blends with other fibers, Kanecaron/Protex works as the FR blend partner to achieve a high level of FR performance in yarn and fabric. Especially, Protex-M blended with cellulosic fibers, such as cotton or rayon, increases the FR performance overall.

​Self Extinguishing : In the case of flammable fabric, fire spreads very quickly when ignited. Kanecaron/Protex blended fabric will self-extinguish and a char barrier will form that works as a shield to minimize fire damage.


Inherently Flame Retardant 

​Limited Oxygen Index Value : LOI is the minimum required oxygen volume (by percent) that a specimen requires to continue burning in a gas mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. The higher oxygen value required to make a test specimen burn equates to a higher FR.

Kanecaron/Protex exhibits a high LOI figure in comparison to other fibers.

PROTEX® is a registered trademark of specialized Modacrylic fiber produced by Kaneka Corporation, the global leader in high-quality, flame-retardant fiber.

Protex is the advanced FR fiber in the Kanecaron family. Based on the original characteristic of Kanecaron, both FR and heat resistance is improved which allows blends with other flammable fibers, such as, cotton or polyester while keeping a high level of FR performance.

G. D. International

​Chemical Resistance : Kanecaron/Protex has superior chemical resistance to both acid and alkaline environments. It can be used in filters, workwear, battery separators, industrial materials, etc.