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This part of the standard specifies test methods and materials of clothing intended to be used in clothing resistant to heat and flame, workers exposed to electric arc. This section uses a directed and constrained electric arc in a low voltage circuit, for the classification of materials and clothes in the defined protection classes. They tested two types of protection:

 Class 1     4 kA

 Class 2     7 kA

The arc length is set in 500 ms in the two types of testing.

With the method of the test box for materials, the amount of thermal energy transferred by the flat materials is measured during and after the exposure to a specified arc. The behavior of the material under this procedure is determined from the amount of heat transferred through the test tubes and other thermal parameters.The thermal flux of the exposure and the transferred by the test tube are measured with copper calorimeters. The extent to which the temperature of the calorimeters increases is a direct measure of the thermal energy received. The heat transfer data are used to assess the onset of a second degree burn using the Stoll curve. The response of the material should be subject to a supplementary description recording the observed effects of exposure to the electric arc on the test tubes

Acceptance criteria : The test shall be considered satisfactory if:

-  The material of the garment has successfully passed the test of the test box, according to the criteria described in the previous table.
-  The garment subjected to the test box method satisfies the criteria defined in the following table:  

EN 61482 : 1-2 : Protective Clothings against the Thermal Hazards of an Electric Arc